I frequently get asked about where to find barefoot trimmers or farriers in Chattanooga. I thought it might be a good idea to compile a list of known farriers and barefoot trimming providers for those new to the area or those looking for a change.

The following barefoot trimmers and farriers in Chattanooga are listed in no particular order. I have tried to include locations and/or specialties if the information was available.

**While this post can give you a starting place, you absolutely need to do your due diligence. Contact and talk with each farrier or barefoot trimmer you are interested in potentially working with. Being listed here in no way serves as an endorsement.**

Heavenly Hooves


Christina Mendoza-Green

Phone: (423) 310-2430

Location: Cleveland/Chattanooga area

Specialities: Barefoot Trimming

Find on the Web: Heavenly Hooves


Due 4 Shoes


George Bercaw

Phone: 423.336.9988

Location: Based in Athens, TN. Regular routes to Signal Mountain/Lookout Mountain, North Georgia, and in between.

Specialties: Work with many vets. 23 years in business. Concentrate on equine podiatry and foot mechanics

Find on the Web: Due 4 Shoes

Barefoot Trimming a Horse Hoof

Critter Fitter Horseshoeing


Kyle Johnson

Phone: 423.488.4580

Location: Georgia, Alabama & Tennessee

Find on the Web: Critter Fitter Horseshoeing

Reese Farrier Service


Lester Reese CF

Phone: (423) 595-0900

Find on the Web: Reese Farrier Service

Select Steps Farrier Services


Cody Chapman


Find on the Web: Select Steps Farrier Services

Morrison’s Hoof Care


Josh Morrison

Phone: 931.273.1009

Find on the Web: Morrison’s Hoof Care



Darrell Haynes Farrier


Darrell Haynes


Location: Based in Knoxville, TN; Serving Knoxville, Chattanooga and in-between

Specialities: Western & English; Show Saddlebreds & therapeutic shoeing

Find on the Web: Darrell Haynes Farrier

Dirt Road Farrier Service


Russell Poe

Phone:  865.978.3855

Find on the Web: Dirt Road Farrier Service


Jason Whittemore Farrier Service


Jason Whittemore

Phone:  423.255.2731

Location: Cleveland/Ooltewah

Specialities: Hot, Cold and Corrective Shoeing. Certified Farrier


Gregory T. Dortch, CF


Greg and Ory Dortch

Phone: 423.421.6783

Location: Serving Chattanooga and surrounding areas

McCoy Farrier Service


Selena McCoy

Phone:  706.669.3798

Location: Chatsworth, GA, and surrounding areas

Find on the Web: McCoy Farrier Service

Josh Layne’s Farrier Services


Josh Layne

Phone: 423.637.4430

Location: Based in Whitwell, TN

Specialities: Hot, Cold & Corrective Shoeing

Find on the Web: Josh Layne’s Farrier Service


Chickamauga Forge/Farrier Service


Tony Todd

Phone: 423.715.9981

Location: Based in Ringgold, GA, and serving Chattanooga and surrounding areas

Find on the Web: Chickamauga Forge

Snyder’s Farrier Service


Matthew Snyder

Phone: 615.364.8745

Location: Based in Woodbury, TN. Tennessee Available

Find on the Web: Snyder’s Farrier Service


Caldwell Farrier Services


David Caldwell

Phone: 423.650.8767 (Text) or 423.653.5216 (Text or Call)

Location: Based in Harrison, TN. Serves North Georgia to Knoxville

Specialities: Hot and Cold Shoeing; Graduate of Casey and Son Horseshoeing School



Again, while this post contains many farriers and barefoot trimmers in the Chattanooga area, it in no way serves as an endorsement of any particular person or company’s services. As a horse owner, it is up to you to do the due diligence to find the perfect farrier or barefoot trimmer for your horse and their situation. 

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