Meet the handsome Kenya. I had the opportunity to photograph Kenya and his person, Dana, at Break N Run Farms in Ooltewah, Tennessee during the fall.

Kenya is a 23-year-old Appendix dun with a beautiful dorsal stripe.

Dorsal Stripe of Horse

Kenya and Dana, A Love Story


Dana fell in love with Kenya before he was even available for sale. She loved his coloring first but then realized that his quirky personality was a perfect fit for her. When the chance came up to own him, she couldn’t wait to make him part of her family.

Through the years, Kenya has been Dana’s constant. He has been the one she leans on for comfort and distraction.  He is the thing that has helped her through some of the most difficult times in her life, including the loss of her eldest child.

Since Dana had mentioned the importance of the journey they had walked together, we specifically shot some images utilizing the beautiful paths found at Break N Run Farms.

Woman and Horse walking path of Break 'n Run Farms in Ooltewah TN

Woman petting muzzle of horse in Chattanooga Tennessee

Kenya loves to eat…and eat.  He’s a great ride for Dana because she has to pay attention to every step or else Kenya might stop quick for a snack. This helps Dana to focus on riding and not on the stress in her life. However, one of their favorite things to do together is to just be together. Hanging out. Bonding.

As Kenya is getting older, it became important to Dana to capture him in a way that would make it so she would always have him close to her and that she would be able to remember him always.

Woman on Bench with Horse at Break 'n Run Farms Tennessee

Woman and Horse Bonding at Break 'n Run Farms Ooltewah TN

Owner Kissing Horse Muzzle at Break 'n Run Farms in Ooltewah TN


Kenya and Pecos, A Different Love Story

Kenya is a pretty steady guy who thinks he’s in charge…but isn’t. He loves to hang out with his buddy, Pecos. In fact, the two of them love each other so much that Pecos went with us to Kenya’s photo session. Kenya posed, and Pecos ate.  Everyone was happy.

Once we were done with our photographing, we took off the halters and Kenya and Pecos took off running through the fields. With a few stops, of course, to roll and get nice and dirty. A great ending to a wonderful session.


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