Though you might not think it initially, equine and pet photography is just as personal as other types of photography. You are inviting a photographer into the special moments that you share with your beautiful animals.


Equine and Pet Photography is Personal


Overall, photography is a personal, intimate business. Most people probably think about boudoir photography, wedding photography, or even Equine and Pet Photography in Chattanooganewborn photography when you think about intimate moments. But even in other areas, such as equine and pet photography, you are inviting a relative stranger into your personal space and personal moments.

During a photography session, you are asking a photographer to capture not just the visual but also the soul of the moment. The bond between two beings. The story of you both.


Capture the Moments


Equine and Pet photography capture moments that will never be seen again. For example, a puppy’s first year of growth. The first weeks of life for a foal and the bonding experience with the mare.

It captures moments that tell your animal’s story or journey. A rescue dog who becomes a treasured family pet. A puppy who is selected for and trains to become a service animal for a person who would never have independence without them. A horse who is starved or abused, rescued and loved.  

Perhaps it’s the story of your journey together.  Working together to win the blue ribbon in the show ring, being with the horse that allows you to leave the things that trouble you far behind. The working partnership between you and your trusty steed as you ride the trails. The connection between a K9 and his human partner.


Celebrate your Story


Whatever the story of your animal is, you need to celebrate it.

Animals live much shorter lives than people. Long after these precious animals are gone, our memories of them remain.

Utilizing equine and pet photography to capture that special story, that special bond, and those special moments is important. Having something tangible to hold and to look at to help you remember them is important. 

Whatever your story, whatever your journey together. Celebrate it.

Celebrate your story.

Ready to Celebrate your Story?

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