One of the fun things about being a pet photographer in Chattanooga is that you get to meet some of the most amazing dogs and their people. Take Gromit’s Grand Day Out, RAE for example.

Called Gromit for short, I came across him and his person and trainer, Elissah, a few years ago. It has been so fun watching Gromit and his goofy antics. Gromit is a mix of 50% Great Pyrenees, 25% Border Collie, 25% German Shepard and is 100% cute! 

Portrait picture of Dog posed on stone wall in Chattanooga Tennessee from the image portfolio of Ride the Sky Equine Photography



Gromit’s Story

Gromit was named after the British Claymation Series, Wallace and Gromit.

Gromit is about 6 years old now. He was adopted by Elissah and her husband from the White County Animal Shelter in Sparta, TN when he was about 8-10 months old.  He is extra tall, super sweet and gentle with people and other dogs.  While not trained as a service dog, Elissah finds that running her fingers through his long coat and hugging Gromit helps her to control her PTSD symptoms.



Gromit the Mutt Sitting on a Chattanooga Sidewalk


Gromit loves to visit new places with his person. He loves meeting new people and new dogs all over the Chattanooga and Cleveland area. They hang out at dog-friendly patios for brunches, watched the disk dog National Championships in Chattanooga, participated in various rallies, marches, and parades. Once, Gromit even helped Elissah get out of one of those escape rooms. 

He’s an active dog and loves to run, chase things and fetch.  A big fan of squeaky toys, Gromit turns his nose up at hard toys. He also loves stuffed animals. 


Gromit the dog pictured on bench in Chattanooga


“My favorite thing about Gromit is that he really is a gentle giant. His gentle nature with children especially. He seems to have an affinity for them, and is very sweet natured with them.”


Gromit is a study in contradictions. He is a giant but always acts like a puppy in dog class. He always wants to play with any dog who might be interested.  He’s a brilliant dog, but the Great Pyr in him means that 50% of him is independent, stubborn and willful. He thinks squirrels and outdoor cats are bad, and it’s his job to protect us from them. However, he’s also scared of small rooms. 


Dog pictured on Stone bench in Chattanooga


Dog Titles and Awards


Gromit’s favorite thing to do is to go hiking with Elissah and to train for Rally.

In 2017, Elissah and Gromit attended the AKC Rally National Championships where they scored 197/200 and placed 16th out of 80 dogs. They were sidelined by injuries in 2018 but are hoping to be able to continue on their Rally journey soon. 


From Horse Photography to Pet Photography

When Ride the Sky Equine Photography originally started, it focused almost completely on horses and their people. However, as most horse people have dogs also, the pet photography side of the business has continued to grow. Being a pet photographer in Chattanooga has allowed me the opportunity to meet so many fantastic dogs in the Chattanooga area!

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