As a Chattanooga pet photographer, one of the best things is getting to meet all these amazing dogs and the people that love them.

Thevenet Teddy Bear is one such dog.  Teddy, as he is known for short, is an English Cream Golden Retriever. He’s a big, fluffy marshmallow of a boy with the absolutely sweetest disposition ever. And, he’s an absolute lovebug to boot!


Dog Photographed in Chattanooga Field



Teddy’s Story


I first met Teddy when he was a stud dog for Spun Gold Golden Retrievers. He sired 5 gorgeous litters of amazing puppies for their breeding program before being retired.

Tracy, the owner of Spun Gold Golden Retrievers, contacted me about photographing Teddy before he headed to his new home out of state.

Unfortunately, little did Tracy and I know that pouring rain and storms would be the weather for the week.  We ended up photographing Teddy the morning before he left for his forever home, in-between torrential downpours. He was such a good sport about the muddy fields and rain.


English Cream Golden Retriever Sitting in Field in Chattanooga


Enjoying Life in Sunny Florida


Now, at the age of 6, Teddy is living the good life in sunny Florida with his forever family, a retired couple, and is the absolute darling of the neighborhood. His daily walks include stopping for everyone he sees to chat with him and give him love and affection.


English Cream Golden Retriever Dog photographed in Field


Celebrate the Story


Though a pet may be with us their entire life, it is really a very short part of our life. Make sure to take the time to capture and celebrate the story of your favorite animals.

As a Chattanooga pet photographer, I have had the opportunity to celebrate and capture so many stories of pets and their people – the bonds they share, the love they have for each other, the goofy things they do, and the incredible connections between pets and people.

Celebrate your story.


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