Let’s take a minute and talk about photography for pet businesses. When I speak to owners of pet businesses, one issue that constantly comes up is marketing and all the challenges that come along with it.
I get it.
As a small business owner myself, I can totally relate to the burden that is marketing your business. Often, the owner is wearing a variety of hats: owner, marketing guru, telephone answering service to name a few.
When it comes to marketing, pet business owners have a lot to say about their niche. After all, they are experts in their area. The problem is that they don’t know how to get it viewed. Or they don’t have the visual content – imagery- to go with it.

How important is Photography for Pet Businesses?

When marketing In a visually driven world, images and videos are a critical part of your marketing strategy.
This issue is especially noticeable with smaller, local brands: small dog breeding operations, pet boarding, dog walkers, and the like. While big brands tend to have big budgets when it comes to marketing, many smaller businesses try to make do with what they can find for free.
If you are an owner of a pet small business, consider the images you are currently using to represent your brand.
Ask yourself the following questions:
Do they elevate your brand in the eyes of potential clients?
Are they personal to you and your brand?
Do the images show the work that you do?
Do they show how you are different from others in the same field?
Do you have consistent visual digital content for social media, websites, and e-newsletters?
Do you have consistent printed visual content for banners, promotional materials, and events? 
Did you answer “no” to any of the above? If so, chances are you are struggling to find the correct image solution for your brand.
Marketing can be one of the largest drains on our budget. And, when times are tough, it’s usually one of the first places most small business owners go to tighten their belts. Though, this is often to their detriment. 
Professional photography is an investment. But, it’s an investment that can last a long time. And, it can do several things to assist your business:

Strengthen and Elevate your Brand


Using photography specifically developed for your pet business can help clients and leads know it’s you when they see clear, sharp, on-brand images.


Build Recognition with your Community


Take a moment and consider how important images are to a big brand.  

Scroll your social media. How frequently do you recognize a big brand’s imagery without seeing a brand logo?
Or, flip through a magazine. Pick a few advertisements. Do you know what brand the ad is for without seeing the logo?
Big brands recognize the importance of building a community. And while your pet business community might not be thousands or millions of people, it’s still a community. They need to recognize you. 

Grab Attention of your Clients and Potential Clients

Images and videos are golden in today’s world. With the human attention span is getting shorter, images are even more important.
Let’s look at Facebook and Instagram for a moment:
Facebook users share more than 680,000 pieces of content per minute.
Instagram has more than 80 million photos posted daily.
With that much content being thrown at a consumer daily, it’s not hard to get lost in the shuffle. 
According to one study, Facebook posts with photos received an average 37% increase in consumer engagement.
And, a Buzzsumo study found that posts with images received 2.3 times more engagement than those without images.
Images are essential in helping you to stand out from the crowd.

Custom Photography for Pet Business can Save You Time in Finding the Right Images

Small business owners don’t have a lot of time. But they do have a lot of knowledge about their subject matter.
Wouldn’t it be nice to know you don’t have to search for an image to go with your latest blog or social media post?  

Help Gain the KLT Factor with Potential Clients

Imagine two different pet business owners. Let’s say Dog Walker A and Dog Walker B. They provide the same service, cover the same territory, and their price is the same.
Who do you do business with?  Most likely it comes down to the Know-Like-Trust (KLT) Factor.  
Getting to know, like, and then trust a business goes a long way towards the bottom line of a business.
And the first step of getting people to know you is getting in front of your potential clients and making an impression.
If you think that quality images can’t help you with that, you are wrong.
I recently posted a blog post that had some statistics about the difference between quality image and non-image posts on social media. Click if you would like to read it as it is rather eye-opening.
And this isn’t just for the digital world.
Consider the last expo or event you attended. What booths captured your attention?
Was it the ones where a single person was standing behind an empty table with his business card and nothing else?
Or was it the ones that had banners, marketing materials, videos playing, and giveaways?


Custom Photography for Pet Businesses can give you a Consistent Source for Digital and Print Needs

Imagine the time savings you have when you have the images you need right at your fingertips.
Need to print a business card? Got the right image.
Need a new brochure? Got your images right there.
Have a new social media post? Got an image to go with it. 
Need to put together a promotional video? Have what you need. Right now.  

For the owners of pet small businesses, I hope that this post has given you some food for thought on how professional images can help you to reach your clients.  

If you would like to talk with Ride the Sky Equine Photography about how we can personally help you build a visual voice for your pet business brand, you can send a message here or just complete the form below.

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