Celebrate Him


One day you wake up and you notice he’s not moving as fast as he did; maybe his eyes look a little milky; or perhaps he’s doesn’t seem to be hearing you as well.

We all know that kids seem to grow up fast but what about the horse or pet who was with you before you had kids? Before you met your spouse? Before you took that full-time job?

He has seen you through the good days and the bad. Through the fights with your best friend and the breakups with the not-so-great boyfriends, through the stress of raising teenagers or the stress of being a teen, through all the unbearable losses, and all the amazing highs.


Cherish Him


Cherish him to the best of your ability every day of your life. 

That horse who waits patiently for you in the barn;  who nickers when you come to visit; 

That dog that shares the couch with you; who licks your tears away;

The one makes you feel safe when you are out in the big world by yourself; who keeps you from being lonely when you are alone;

Because you weren’t alone. Not really. You had him. Always.


Love Him


Love him. Because one day the two of you will go for a walk and you will realize that the years he has been walking by your side are coming to an end. But until that end, he will be at your side. Loving you for all the days of his life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the special bond with horse or pet photography. These beautiful creatures shine so brightly while they are with us. And, all too soon, we are left with only our memories of them. Images help to transport us back to a time in our memory. Where we were loved. Where we were happy. Where we were free.


Celebrate YOUR story. The love story of the two of you.

My dog, Gromit, means the world to me. Gromit was selected last fall to be a model for Ride the Sky. I was thrilled. Then I was devastated as a short time later when I became injured and barely able to function, much less groom him out perfectly, drive to a location, and actively assist in helping to pose him.

It’s amazing how things fall into place when they are meant to. Betsy arranged with my friend, Anna, to secretly do the shoot together with Gromit and surprise me. I can’t even begin to explain how loved it made me feel. Getting surprised by images overwhelmed me with love, joy, gratitude and just touched my heart. I am pretty sure I sobbed for 20 minutes straight. I love taking pictures of my dog but Betsy has skills and talent beyond my ability and all I can think of is someday this amazing dog is going to be gone, and I’ll have these amazing, wonderful photos to remember him by…as well as the story of how they came to fruition through a desire to do something kind for me.

In my opinion, this is the kindest, most thoughtful gift for a dog lover. Betsy showed the kind of person she really is by thinking up this surprise and then coordinating and seeing it through. That says a lot about the type of person she is and the business she runs.


Cleveland, TN

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