Have you often wondered how professional horse photographers do what they do? How do they create the amazing images they create and how do they run successful businesses?  Horse Photography Business: Professional Tips is the first in an upcoming series of blog posts in which I ask successful professional horse photographers a question and gather their responses into one easy to read blog post of horse photographer tips!  


What is the best tip you can give an aspiring horse photographer about what to never leave home without — besides their camera, of course? 

“Water! I drink a rediculous amount of water a day. And just the thought of being without a water bottle in my hand makes me thirsty.  So I always have water with me. I also always have a trunk full of random stuff – props, lights, stick ponies, peppermints, etc. You just never know what a horse will react to so it’s always better to be prepared for anything!”

-Betsy Bird, Ride the Sky Equine Photography, Chattanooga, TN

“Besides the usual back up stuff, if I am going to do a horse shoot, I don’t want to be without my remote control car! I did a few sessions in Arizona recently and packed light so I did not bring it. I missed it so much!”

-Terri, Terri Cage Photography, Ponder, TX

“Charlie, my stick pony! He is a big part of the Fast Horse team and always helps to encourage horses to show their adorable personalities! I also make sure I’ve always gone some kind of sun protection as the Florida sun is brutal!”

-Cara Taylor Swift, Fast Horse Photography, St. Augustine, Florida

“Water! I know it sounds silly, but living in Florida is often incredibly hot during sessions. I put a lot of effort into a session, so by the time I start slowing down I NEED water. If I’m photographing a horse, I always bring some peppermints to crinkle too.”

-Shelly Williams, Shelly Williams Photography, Live Oak, Florida

“My bucket-o-tricks. It’s a bucket with a telescoping pompom, a bike speaker full of recorded whinnies, peppermints in wrappers, an unbreakable camping mirror, and a simple black lead rope, and it goes with me EVERYWHERE, during every single shoot. All of the stuff I need to get ears forward! And the lead rope is essential for black background portraits.”

-Jessica Sanders, Jessica Sanders Photography, Pennington, NJ

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