This is the October 2019 Q&A blog post for aspiring horse photographers. I thought it might make an interesting blog post to answer a few questions for newer photographers.  If you have a question about horse photography, business or marketing, send a message and I will try to answer it in an upcoming blog post.

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Camera Guts GrapicHow often do you have your camera gear serviced? And where do you take it?


Well, I’m a Canon girl so I always send my cameras back to Canon for service. Plus, where I live it’s a minimum 2-hour drive to get to a decent camera store.

I try to send cameras and lenses back once a year for routine maintenance. But occasionally have to send it back more often if there is an issue or repair. After all, I do work with big animals and sometimes accidents happen.

Canon has a Professional Services Membership Program that has come in very handy even if you are just starting out. Definitely worth checking out!


Do you recommend a Sole Proprietorship or an LLC when setting up a new horse photography business?


Personally, my business is an LLC.  While the sole proprietorship can be easier to deal with from a record-keeping and tax perspective, it does not offer protection of your personal assets as an LLC does. I highly recommend talking to a tax professional about your personal situation though as every individual’s situation is different.


What do you use for photo storage?


Well, as a professional photographer, photo storage is a requirement!  I personally err on the side of caution so I have mirrored external hard drives and BackBlaze.

Carbonite is another cloud service I have used in the past.  Crashplan is another that several photographers use but I don’t personally have experience with it. Backblaze offered the most protection for my money.


What kind of insurance do you recommend for someone who photographs horses?


This is a question best directed to an insurance agent who can best help you with your specific needs.

However, from a general standpoint, aspiring horse photographers need to look at two different types of insurance. One is General Liability insurance and the other is equipment insurance.  These are in addition to your usual health insurance, of course!

When it comes to equipment insurance, my thought process is that if you can’t afford to go out and replace your gear when a horse kicks it or you drop it, then you definitely want equipment insurance.

As you are dealing with large animals who have a mind of their own, it’s easy for an accident to happen quickly. And it can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to replace gear. In a future blog post, I will give you some GREAT examples of things that can happen in the blink of an eye. Eek!

General Liability Insurance, on the other hand, is a requirement for any equine photographer.  It may take some shopping around to find a company willing to cover you when you work with horses. Look for a policy that covers a minimum of $1 million.  $2 million would be better.

Lastly, though not technically, insurance, you need a rock-solid contract specific to equine photography and reviewed by an attorney in your state.


Got a Question?


That’s it for this Q&A session.  If you are an aspiring horse photographer and have a question you want answered, Send me a message and I’ll try to answer it in a future Q&A blog post! I also offer phone and video calls which you can learn about here.

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