We should never stop learning.

In reality, the entire point of school is to learn HOW to learn so that when you get out into the world, you have the skill set available to learn about anything that interests you. Betsy has spent her entire life not only learning new and different things but also in teaching, training and developing others’ skill sets.


Leaving the Corporate World


For many years, Betsy worked as a marketing and merchandising trainer for corporate, regional, district and hourly employees of a large corporation. 

She eventually realized that if she was going to work insane hours and travel all over the country, wouldn’t it be more fun to do that for herself? In case you are wondering, the answer to that is “Yes”!

Thus, she left the corporate world and launched her own company, the Bird Marketing Group. BMG worked hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs who are looking to launch but didn’t have the startup funds for a full-time marketing executive.

Simultaneously, Betsy opened Ride the Sky Equine Photography part-time as a passion project. The photography business continued to grow from side hustle to a full-time job.

After two years of running what equated to two full-time businesses side-by-side, some changes needed to be made. Two full-time businesses, 3 kids, and a husband who was traveling more often than not was really a recipe for disaster.



After a lot of thought, Betsy decided that instead of working with any entrepreneur looking to launch a business, she would only work with aspiring and professional photographers looking to launch their businesses, or fine-tune their business and marketing models. RTS LEARN was the result.  The number of individuals Betsy takes on each year varies depending on her schedule. 

Coaching options available to suit hobbyists, aspiring and professional photographers with a variety of needs and budgets including one-on-one workshops, coaching sessions, phone and/or video mentoring, portfolio review and image critique.

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Are you a new or aspiring horse photographer looking for a mentor?

Do you want to know how to take equine and equestrian images that you are proud to show people?

Are you a professional equine photographer but you aren’t seeing a profit in your business and you don’t know why?

Do the ideas of workflows and systems send you running for the hills?

Have you wondered what it takes to run a successful photography business?

Are you wondering how you can improve your marketing to help you scale your business?


If you answered yes, to any of the above questions, read on…  

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