Shelly Williams of Shelly Williams Photography

Photo courtesy of Shelly Williams Photography

Today’s interview is with Shelly Williams of Shelly Williams Photography. Shelly is based in the gorgeous Live Oak, Florida which is located in North Florida east of Tallahassee.


How did you come to be Shelly Williams Photography? What was your journey to becoming a horse photographer?

Horses are the reason I started photography.

I would sit outside at sunset every day and photograph my own horses. I resorted to Facebook for sharing the photos with my friends. Eventually, people asked if I would photograph their family, their senior, their wedding, etc. It grew from there and suddenly I found myself filing all of my business legalities.

Today I photograph a LOT of high school seniors, weddings, and am trying to photograph more equines as well as dogs since that’s how my passion began.

What type of equine photography do you do?

I photography Equestrian and Horse Portrait Sessions, Senior Sessions both with and without horses, Pets and Weddings.

Photo courtesy of Shelly Williams Photography

What are your favorite things about being an equine photographer?

I love capturing the bond between horse and rider. As an equestrian myself I know how important my horse is to me, she’s literally my lifeline. I understand how other equestrians feel and I think those emotions are worthy of being documented.

What part of the horse photography job/business do you struggle with? What is your least favorite thing to do?

It’s hard being a photographer, we wear ALL of the hats. Accountant, web designer, social media marketing, marketing in general, etc. Sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up! I have started to outsource some of my “hats” and it’s helping, I intend to hire an assistant in the near future.


Who are some of the other photographers / Creatives / Business People that you look up to and why?

Photo courtesy of Shelly Williams Photography

I look up to Sal Cincotta and Megan DiPeiro for their business tactics. They both run 6-figure businesses and I’ve seen both of them talk more than once. They’re so full of insight and I love the way their minds work.

I am a big fan of “For the West and Wild” which is a wedding photographer, her style is gorgeous and I love the way she gets her couples to interact.

In the equine community, I think many of us look up to Kirstie Marie Photography. Her style is beautiful and she successfully runs her business with some of the top equestrians in the industry. She’s kind of the full package!


What do you never leave home without when you are going to photograph?

Water! It sounds silly, but living in Florida it’s often incredibly hot during sessions. I put a lot of effort into a session, so by the time I start slowing down I NEED water. If I’m photographing a horse, I always bring some peppermints to crinkle.

What is the best way for a potential client to reach you?

I love potential clients to visit my Shelly Williams Photography website to see if we are a good fit.  Potential clients can also reach me on the phone at 386.688.2040 or email me at

What are the best places to find you on social media?

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook.

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