Spring has sprung in Chattanooga and that means flowers – and pollen – are in full bloom! I love the gorgeous colors of flowers and I love dogs so the combination of dogs in the flower fields is just irresistible to me. Especially when you can mix and match the flowers to coordinate with the dog’s coat.


Flower Fields


Most of the flower fields in the Chattanooga area have a very limited growing season.  In fact, this year’s flower fields lasted about 2 1/2 weeks.

Given the limited time frame, if you are interested in having your pet photographed in the flowers, then you need to reserve your date as early as possible (as in 4-5 months in advance).


Vizsla Dog photographed in purple flower field

Dog photographed in yellow flower field in Chattanooga

Great Pyrenees Puppy in purple flower field

Yorkshire Terrier in purple flower field in Chattanooga

Next Steps

Want to capture images of your dog in the flower fields? Reach out to Ride the Sky Equine Photography and get on the calendar!

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