Let’s talk Metallic! This blog post is about using metallic photo paper for equine images. In my previous blog posts on the topic of photography papers, I have mentioned that your choice of paper can make or break an image. A paper choice can make the difference between fizzle and sizzle. Between faded and vibrant.

if you are a typical consumer, and not a photography nerd like me, who prints snapshots at home or from a big box chain, you probably don’t even realize that metallic photo paper exists, much less what to use it for. That’s because metallic photo paper isn’t offered to the general public.


Metallic Photo Paper for Equine Images


Metallic photo paper is available only to professional photographers from professional labs. It’s a favorite to many professional photographers for a variety of reasons. Metallic paper is cool…but it does have some limitations.

First, let’s talk about some of the pros of Metallic photo paper.

  • Pearlescent effect embedded into the paper itself
  • Luxurious brilliance to the images
  • Almost creates a 3D effect which gives photos a depth that no other paper can
  • Color is truly vibrant and tends to pop
  • Very high gloss finish
  • Often used for more artistic images
  • Defined and Sharp Images
  • Images with reflections and negative white space will look amazing on metallic
  • Best when framed WITHOUT glass
  • Black and White usually look great on metallic
  • Paper is really durable; resistant to tearing and curling
  • Much less likely to scratch


There are some cons to Metallic photo paper

  • Fingerprints can be an issue
  • Best for images not handled frequently
  • More expensive


Learn more about Photography Papers


Photography paper can make or break your image when it comes to equine photography. Think of all the beautiful colors of the horse world – the rich blacks, vibrant chestnuts, beautiful bays, warm palominos, and all the colors in-between. And that’s before you even look at the colors of the landscape horses live in. If you are going to pay for professional photography, it’s important that your final product shows off your horse and his/her environment looking as beautiful as possible.

Ride the Sky Equine Photography clients have to opportunity to see – and feel – example papers of all types with different images printed on them. If you are a visual and tactile learner, it’s a great way to be able to know the difference between photography papers.

For a brief overview of photography papers, read below to see some of the differences between the papers and learn why some might be a better fit for your images than others.

Glossy Photo Paper for Equine Images

Matte Photo Paper for Horse Images

Lustre / Luster Photo Paper for Equestrian Images




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