I’ve got a cell phone. What about you? I’m sure you do. Cell phones are everywhere. And that camera on the phone is awesome! It’s with you everywhere. You’re able to capture images instantly. And send them via text, email, or even post them on your social media. And they probably look pretty decent. But what about when it comes to your website for your horse business? A banner? A full-page print ad? When it comes right down to it, when marketing and branding your horse business, quality images are a must. And that’s where a commercial equine photographer comes in.
You could always go the stock photography route. After all, there are lots of free stock photography websites out there. There are also paid ones.
But, how well do those images represent YOUR brand; YOUR business?
And what are the chances you are going to see those same images on a competitor’s website? Do those images speak to the soul of your business? Do those images cement your business into a potential client’s mind?
Perhaps. But…
Why use poor quality images that don’t match your brand aesthetic?
The Solution? Professional Commercial Equine Photography. A commercial equine photographer is a niche within the equine photography genre. It’s a person who focuses on working with brands and businesses in the horse industry.
Here are 7 reasons why your horse business will benefit from working with a commercial equine photographer.

Equine Photographers are All About the Horse

Previously, I discussed how most professional horse photographers have lived and breathed horses their whole lives.
This is definitely something you should consider when hiring an equine photographer for your horse business. After all, as the owner of a horse business, you are completely immersed in the horse world as well.
I grew up on a small horse boarding farm. Every morning I would go feed the horses before I ever considered breakfast for myself. I would walk outside and the horses would gallop across the field. I’m sure this was in excitement to see me, not breakfast, right? Rain, shine, snow, sleet. No matter what the weather, no matter how tired I was, watching horses gallop across the field would stop me in my tracks.
It still does to this day.
For your horse business, you need someone who understands the love that you have for these animals, the beauty of this lifestyle, and the gift these animals bring into the lives of the people who love them.
In a nutshell, you need someone who gets it.
You need someone who understands the difference between a Clydesdale and a quarter horse – and what are the desirable traits in both. A person who knows the difference between a forelock and a fetlock. Someone how has “horse knowledge” ingrained into their very being. 

The Connection between Horses and Humans

If you aren’t a professional photographer, you most likely think that one photographer is pretty much interchangeable with another photographer. Yet, that is just not true. Every photographer has specialties. And, not everyone can capture the bond between horses and humans from behind the lens.
Is seeing the connection between horses and their people important? Yes, and for a couple of different reasons. 
First of all, it can never be understated the emotional impact images can have on a reader of a story. Utilizing a “visual voice” for your storytelling can help draw the reader in and make them care about what they are reading. 
Secondly, captivating images can keep your viewer on a webpage longer. The longer someone is on your page, the more likely they are to actually read the information you are presenting.
Third, clients – and potential clients – need to know that you are the authority in your equine niche. Custom photography for your business goes a long way to help cement your position in their minds.
A professional commercial equine photographer can develop a custom plan for your business. Exceptional-quality imagery can make potential clients notice what makes your business special.

They are Visual Storytellers

Professional commercial horse photographers can tell the story of your business. How important is the visual impact of an image? Think about it for a minute. Think back to an important time in history. Do you remember the text you read about an event? Or do you remember an image of that event?
Here are a few stats related to this:
A study by 3M, showed that people process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Translation: you can relate information to your audience much faster using visuals rather than text.
Have you ever heard of VARK? VARK is the different methods of learning: Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and Kinesthetic.
I learn best visually. If I can see something, I can do it. But if you tell me how to do it without visuals, I’m lost.
Why am I telling you this? And what on earth does it have to do with an equine photographer’s ability to tell a story?
Using both visuals and text to tell the story of your business, you have the potential to cement your business into the minds of many more people. And, according to the Social Science Research Network: 65% of people are visual learners. Translation: Do you want people to remember your business? Tell them about it visually.

Their ability to work with those who aren’t Familiar with Horses

If you hired a web designer or a graphic designer to work on your marketing materials, they might be unfamiliar with horses.
A commercial equine photographer:
  • Has the knowledge of horses that make sure that your animals look their best in images
  • Works with your designers to make sure your marketing materials are top-notch
  • Has the understanding of the releases needed for your team

Confirmation, Confirmation, and did I mention…Confirmation

If you are a horse person, then you know that confirmation is critical. Someone with knowledge of confirmation can be able to predict how a horse will move by looking at them.
Confirmation knowledge is critical for photographers who photograph sale horses. But it’s equally important for those photographing for a horse business. You want an image to capture attention. It should show the horse off, and minimize imperfections.


This is huge. Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society. As a horse business, I’m sure you carry insurance in case something happens. Professional horse photographers (should) carry insurance as well. If you don’t know if they do, ask them.
A horse is a large animal with a mind of its own. Putting someone with little to no knowledge of horse behavior in a situation where anything can happen is a recipe for disaster.
A professional horse photographer with knowledge of horse behavior and the ability to read the horse’s intention can make the difference between everything being fine and an accident.

Capturing the Mood of the Businesses and Brands

If you are a fun-loving horse trainer who spends most of your day laughing with your clients, you want your horse and brand images to match that feel. If you are a workwear brand for cowboys, you want your images to match the mood of a serious, hardworking, tough brand.
Capturing the mood comes down to a lot of factors including lighting, location, models, horses, and more. You need your potential clients to be able to look at images and know what vibe your brand or business represents and if it fits into their lifestyle.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it. 7 reasons why a horse business would benefit from a commercial equine photographer. Take a look at your website, printed marketing materials, and online presence. Are they lacking? If so, consider boosting your business with photos that your customers will not only notice, but also remember.
Ride the Sky Equine Photography is here for all your equine and equestrian photography needs. Set up a custom shoot designed specifically for your horse business. Let’s work together to develop a custom image library for your marketing needs. Or, reach out about stock images that will work for your business.

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