Meet Allyssa & Raven! Allyssa is the trainer behind AR Horsemanship.

Horse Trainer and Mustang Horse Posed in Chattanooga Tennessee in Fall

Raven is a BLM mustang who was born in long-term holding. In 2014, Allyssa, at the age of 14, selected Raven as her 2014 youth mustang competition horse. They have been together ever since.

Girl and her horse pictured in Manchester Tennessee field
Mustang Horse Trainer Allyssa Rennebu with her liberty trick trained mustang Raven

Allyssa actively competes with Raven in English, western, and saddle seat events at open shows.

Raven, who is now 8-years-old, is a bay mustang who is very laid back and loving. She loves attention.

And while she has a playful side, she also just likes to hang out with her person.

Horse Trainer with her liberty mustang horse in Chattanooga Tennessee

Over the years, Raven has been trained to perform a number of tricks. She hugs her human,  sits, and rears. She will also lay down on command, bow, and much more.

Mustang Horse Hugging Her Trainer AR Horsemanship
Mustang Horse Rearing on Command with Liberty Horse Trainer AR Horsemanship
Horse Bowing with her trainer AR Horsemanship

You can find the AR Horsemanship website here. You can also follow along on Facebook or Instagram.

AR Horsemanship posed with mustang horse in Chattanooga TN

AR Horsemanship is sponsored by España Silk Grooming products and Counter Canter Designs (use ARHORSEMANSHIP for 15% off your Counter Canter Designs order).

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