Meet PJ & Lilly!  We shot their pet photography session in Collegedale, TN. on a beautiful fall day. Collegedale is a beautiful suburb of Chattanooga, TN.


Pet Photography: PJ & Lilly’s Story

PJ and Lilly are full sibling 6-year-old black mouth cur/black lab mixes. Both dogs have brown coats with lighter brown patches on the Girl and Dog in Field in Chattanooga, Tennesseeshoulders. PJ has a pink nose and Lilly has a black one. They were brought into their family when the family lived in southern Alabama. 
The family was looking for a new dog to join the family after the devastating loss of their previous dog.
When a co-worker mentioned that they had a black mouth cur who got romantic with a black lab and was trying to find homes for the puppies, it seemed like fate.   
They love to ride in the car and take long walks with their mom.

girl and dog photographed in fall field in Chattanooga tn

Pet Photography Session in Collegedale, TN

PJ & Lilly are always excited about new places.
We originally planned for their pet photography session to be at the Veteran’s park in Collegedale but had to relocate at the last minute due to weather issues.
So, we moved their session to the beautiful Southern Adventist University campus in Collegedale.
The SAU campus was totally new to the dogs. They were super excited and ready to run at the drop of a hat to scout out the area. Thankfully, we keep leashes on at all times in public! No need to worry about dogs running off to visit strangers or chase squirrels and chipmunks.

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