Ride the Sky Equine Photography originally offered only horse photography. So many horse owners also have dogs and other pets. Over time, it became a natural extension to offer Chattanooga pet photography as well. It has been wonderful getting to know so many of the fabulous pets of the Chattanooga area.

Photography for Terminally Ill Pets

Life is busy. And, often we put off capturing professional images of our pets.
Pet owners who receive a devastating diagnosis for their pets often think that it is then too late to get images.  But that is not true.

Penelope’s Story

This is Penelope, the Irish Wolfhound. Penelope was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her front leg.
Penelope’s family reached out to Ride the Sky. They wanted to make sure to capture some images with Penelope before it was too late.
One of the key issues when planning Penelope’s session was that walking was difficult. Therefore, we made sure that her entire session was within just a few short steps of the house.
When dealing with a terminally ill pet, the comfort of that pet is our primary concern.
Finding out that your beloved pet is terminally ill, is devastating for a family.
The last thing you want to worry about is finding someone to capture images for you.
At Ride the Sky we try our best to keep a few dates available each month to respond for terminally ill animals.
Is your time short with your pet due to a terminal illness? If so, reach out to learn more about available Chattanooga pet photography options.
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