Are you considering professional portraits with your horse? One of the main considerations will be what time of year do you want to have them. There are pros and cons to equine photoshoots in every season. Fall has always remained the top season for most equestrians. The weather is cooler, the bugs are less, the colors of fall are pretty. The list goes on and on. With that in mind, here are 7 reasons to book a fall equine photoshoot in spring.

Date Availability

Each photographer books their schedule differently but as a general rule, those that book early get the first choice of dates
Want to make sure that you have the very best fall color in your shoot? Book early. Most photographers keep track of the peak color season for their area of the country. Those dates are in hot demand when it’s an especially short season such as in the southern United States.

Photographer Availability

Fall is almost always the busiest season for equine photographers.  If you want to have your session photographed by a specific photographer, booking months in advance can make that happen.
Many portrait photographers book several months in advance. Wedding photographers often book a year or two in advance.

Time to plan your wardrobeHorse and Girl Portrait in Chattanooga Tennessee from the image portfolio of Ride the Sky Equine Photography

Booking in advance gives you more time to find the perfect outfit for your photoshoot.
And, if you are wearing something that your horse isn’t used to, it’s important to have time to acclimate him. If your dream is to wear a long flowing gown while you gallop your horse through a field, you need to practice.

Time to schedule appointments

Knowing in advance your shoot date allows time to schedule and make appointments.
Want your horse clipped? Get it on the schedule with enough time for it to grow out a bit so you don’t see clipper track marks on him.
Need to find someone to braid your horse for you?
Need a haircut or color yourself? You’ve got time to make it happen so you don’t show up with your roots showing.


If you book a few months ahead of time, you have time to save some money towards your session and products each month rather than putting the amount on a credit card!  I’m all for budgeting for your photoshoot rather than going into debt!

Plan what you want to do with your images

Once your session’s finished, it’s time to put up your images!
Peruse the product catalog. Think about what might look good in your house with your style. Take the time to rearrange your walls. Plan where you want to put things.
Booking early allows you to spend some time making decisions about what you want.   

Woman kissing horse muzzle in fall field

Plan any gift items 

Planning on gifting some images from your session to family and friends? It’s important to check with your photographer about upcoming deadlines.
Professional printing labs have deadlines in late November or early December for items to arrive for the holidays. Lab deadlines also vary depending on what the product ordered is. 

Now what?

So there you have it, folks. 7 reasons to book a fall equine photoshoot in spring. Interested in getting your photoshoot on the books with Ride the Sky Equine Photography for this fall? Fall is filling up fast so make sure to reach out soon.



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