Commercial images for pet businesses come in many different types. Your brand and business may only need one type or you might need a variety available for your use.

Product or Service Images

Most people think of product or service images when thinking about commercial photography for pet businesses.
These images feature a variety of different ways that all feature the product.

Product Detail Shots

Closeup detail shots is one of the most common.
An example might be a close-up image of the front of a box of tick medication. Another image might be a closeup shot of the ingredients list.
Or, perhaps a dog chew toy pictured on a white background.
Choose this type of image when you don’t want anything to distract the viewer from the product itself.

Product or Service in Use

Product images may also show a product or service in use.
For example, trimming a dog’s nail with a special kind of trimming tool. Or a pet physical therapist in the water with a dog on an underwater treadmill.  
Choose these images where you want to offer the viewer an idea of how the product or service works.

Product or Service in Environment

A third example is a product or service in an environment where it is used.
For example, a bag of dog food in the kitchen with a dog eating out of his bowl in the background.
This type of image allows a scene to be set but the image is still focused on the product, not the scene. 

Lifestyle Images

Secondly, there are lifestyle images.
Lifestyle images are a category of photography that depicts one doing life activities.
For a pet business, consider lifestyle images to be people and animals doing everyday activities involving the use of a product or service.
For example, a group of kids soaping up a dog in a wash tup with a certain shampoo.
They also may show the environment that a product or service may be used in.
For example, a family at home with their dog laying on the carpet would be a lifestyle image for a dog food brand.  Though there is no eating or food pictured in the image, there is a feeling the image invokes.
Choose these images when you want to invoke a certain feeling in your potential clients.

Business Branding Images

Business branding images can be as simple as basic headshots of the owner or employees of the business.
They can also be a lot more complex.


You can personalize or customize your basic headshot images to your brand.
For example, if you are a veterinarian, why not include each employee’s pet in their headshot?
Or for a boarding facility, each employee is pictured with their favorite horse.
When it comes to business branding images, you should consider your brand’s personality.
Are you a fun-loving brand? A serious business?
Work with your photographer to develop specific ways to incorporate the personality of your brand into your images.

Creating an Attitude of Feeling

Business branding images can also help to create an attitude or a feeling.
Have you ever been to a spa? Spas are great examples of this type of business branding.
Spas design their images and logos to create a serene and relaxed feeling in their clients.
No logo ever has sharp corners. Each letter of their font always flows from one to the next. Images tend to use the calming colors of blue and green, and they also always flow. Nothing jarring or sharp.
When creating an attitude or feeling about your brand, talk to your photographer so they know what you are trying to achieve and can help you reach your goal.

Defining your Identity

Commercial photography for pet businesses can be used to set yourself apart from others in the same industry.
Consider a dog owner who is looking for a boarding facility for the love of their life (yes, their dog). When doing their initial research, they visit two boarding facility websites.
One looks is clunky and slow, has broken links, and all the images are tiny and blurry.
The other website is fresh, works well, and has large, clear images that show the facility, the employees, and happy dogs.
Which one are you going to go visit first?

In Conclusion


If you are an owner of a pet business, I hope that this post has given you some ideas on how you can use commercial photography for your pet business. It can help you to develop a brand voice, define your identity within your market, reach your clients, and develop a lasting impression of your brand on potential clients. 

If you would like to talk with Ride the Sky Equine Photography about how we can personally help you develop a visual voice for your brand, you can send a message here or just fill out the form below.

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