Girls riding mustang horses at sunset

Brand Storytelling Magic for Horse Girls


Ride the Sky Equine Photography works with horse businesses and equestrian brands to help create their visual voice.

High-quality equestrian images can help you to meet all your marketing goals for your horse business.

We work with you one-on-one to design an equestrian brand photography package that delivers the images that speak to your ideal herd.

Have what you need when you need it. Brand images for your website, social media, printed marketing materials, magazines, and other special projects.

It’s time to separate your equestrian brand from the rest and start attracting your ideal herd.

Commercial Equestrian Lifestyle image of cowgirl riding horse at sunset

Is Equestrian Brand Photography the Right Fit for my Business?

Any business owner of an equine business can benefit from images that are unique and personal to their business brand.

Working with Ride the Sky Equine Photography means that you have the right type of image at the right time.

No more searching endlessly for images that match what you want to say.

Ride the Sky provides a custom library of images that will work for all the different types of marketing that you do in your business including social media, websites, printed marketing materials, and more.



Brand Photography



Images for Horse Businesses



for Equestrian & Equine Blogs


Commercial equine photography lifestyle image for horse business
Commercial and branding image of Equestrian girl feeding horse a treat in stable with english saddle and total saddle fit stirrup leathers sitting nearby.

Horse Trainers

Equine Services

Tack Sales

Equestrian Brands

Farriers & Hoof Care

Horse Chiropractors

Horse Boarding

Equine Veterinarians

Horse Dentists

Groomers & Clippers

Massage Therapists

Saddle Fitters

Equine Products

Custom images that visually showcase the personality of your brand, your horse services or products, and the equestrian lifestyle that your ideal client aspires to, can create a visual voice of who you are and what your horse business offers.

If you are tired of playing small and are ready to grow your equestrian brand, Ride the Sky is ready to help you do just that.



Lifestyle Photography



Materials for Horse Businesses



of Equine Products & Services

Commercial Equine Advertising Photography for Espana Silk Horse Product

 Brand Photography for Equine Businesses

Kira McCarty of Onsite Muse with her signature cowboy boots


Custom equestrian imagery that is specifically tailored to your horse products and services will help elevate your brand and business in the eyes of your potential customers.

It doesn’t matter if you are a single-person business or a large company, custom equine images tailored to your business are within your reach.

Ride the Sky Equine Photography offers a tiered pricing structure to help accommodate your needs and budget.

Are you looking for imagery that draws your potential ideal clients into your herd?  Reach out today and let’s discuss your specific project needs.

Western Saddle Image

Commercial Equestrian Images

Commercial Equine Photography Advertising Picture for Horse Barefoot Trimmer


You put your heart in your business and it’s time that your business imagery reflects that. You need imagery that supports your brand and your message. Photography that speaks to the uniqueness of your equestrian brand.

Potential customers need to see you as the expert in your niche of the equine industry. Custom equestrian photography can help you to:

Strengthen your brand

Grow your influence

Elevate your business

Ride the Sky Equine Photography captures the unique essence of your business by providing high-quality imagery that helps your business stand out from the herd.

Marketing Images for Horse Businesses


Frustrated that you can’t find the image you need to go with your social media post?

Have information to impart to your potential customers but no one sees it because you don’t have an image to accompany it?

Need to create a tri-fold brochure, or a banner but don’t know what to put on it that will capture the attention of your potential clients?


Commercial equine photography for horse businesses from Ride the Sky Equine Photography can help boost the visibility and personality of your brand.

Advertising image for horse breeder
Commercial Equine Image example for a horse braider

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