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Betsy Bird, and her dog, Nitro posed on couch. Betsy is a horse and pet photographer in Tennessee

Betsy Bird is an equestrian and horse photographer who has built a successful photography business while simultaneously raising a challenging family. She specializes in workflows, goal setting, building your personality into your brand, work/life balance, and, of course, horse photography.

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“I don’t know how to describe it. Betsy is simultaneously professional and your new best friend. It’s weird. People just gravitate to her.”


Hi there, I’m Betsy!


Let me tell you, my life is like a real-life Hunger Games, complete with a husband who’s MIA for months,  teenage angst (oh, so much teenage angst!), and math homework struggles instead of arrows and bows.

But you know what? I’m not one to back down from a challenge. Bring it on!

After leaving the corporate world, I found myself knee-deep in the chaos of motherhood with three little ones under the age of four. It was enough to make me question my sanity.

But instead of surrendering to the madness, I took a leap of faith into the wild world of entrepreneurship. Because the truth was that if I didn’t get some adult conversation soon, I was going to LOSE. MY. MIND.

With my background in marketing and branding, I started a business that supported startup entrepreneurs who needed marketing expertise on a budget. And as if that wasn’t enough, I decided to launch Ride the Sky Equine Photography. As a former equestrian myself and a daughter who was born with the horse gene, it seemed like a natural fit.

Balancing two businesses, three energetic kids, and barely enough sleep to function, I somehow managed to keep it all afloat for nearly two years.

But let’s be real, that kind of multitasking is not sustainable for the average human. So I scaled back my marketing business and went all-in on Ride the Sky. It was time to pursue my true passion and immerse myself in the equestrian world that has always captured my heart.

Now, I won’t sugarcoat it. The journey hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns (though, as a horse girl through and through, a few unicorns would have been a welcome sight). I’ve faced countless roadblocks, encountered failures, and learned some valuable lessons along the way.

Betsy Bird of Ride the Sky Equine Photography

But you know what keeps me on track?

My unwavering commitment to setting goals, managing my time like a wizard, and embracing everything with a healthy dose of humor. So. Much. Humor.

So, my friend, take a page from my book.

If I can tackle it all, there’s no doubt in my mind that you can too. Together, let’s navigate this crazy adventure called life. Get ready for laughs, inspiration, and a whole lot of determination. Because with a little bit of grit and a whole lot of laughs, we can conquer anything that comes our way.

“Betsy has a unique toolbox of experiences that can speak to a wide variety of individuals.”


Presentation Topics:


The Art of Horse Photography for Non-Equine Photographers

The Productivity Powerhouse: Customizing AI to Uplevel your Marketing Game

Productivity Powerhouse: Build your Business by Working Smarter, not Harder

Putting the YOU in your Business Brand




Betsy has brought her humorous and conversational approach to many organizations over the years. Using humor and storytelling, she delivers practical tips and tricks that participants can apply to their own lives right away. Think of it as a crash course in awesomeness.


Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in, because these workshops are all about getting the job done. No fluffy lectures or theoretical nonsense here. Just hands-on, practical knowledge that will elevate your skills in no time. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a weekday hustler, these workshops will have you leaving with the tools you need to crush your goals.

Podcasts Interviews, Articles, and Guest Blogging

As a guest blogger, podcast guest, and article writer, she’s got a knack for injecting wit and humor into any topic you throw her way. With a broad range of interests and passions, she’s sure to bring a fresh perspective and some much-needed entertainment to your content.

“She’s entertaining, engaging, and just plain likable.”

Betsy Bird of Ride the Sky Equine Photography spends her days doing insane things to make horses look at her. Clearly, she’s desperate for attention.

Outside of acting like a total weirdo, she invests in growing her business, hanging with her favorite dog, Nitro, mentoring aspiring and established photographers, dealing with her teenagers’ angst, and planning her next big wheels-up adventure.

Betsy is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). She serves on the Board of Directors for the Professional Photographers of East Tennessee (PPETN) and on the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Professional Photographers Association (TNPPA). She is also a professional member of the Equine Photographers Network.

Betsy’s award-winning work has been featured in a variety of publications and is found throughout homes and stables in the United States. She has also been featured on The Business Animal Podcast, Scenic Trend, the Chattanoogan, and Shoutout DFW to name a few.

Betsy has a strong background in solopreneurship/entrepreneurship, building a brand, goal setting, and workflows that work for business. She also has a lot of experience in training and empowering others.


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