If you are a typical consumer, you probably couldn’t care less about photography papers. In fact, you probably go to a chain store like Walmart, get a stack of snapshots back, and are good to go. But, now you’ve hired the professional. You want the heirloom images, the keepsake images. And for those, it really does make a difference when you print your images. So let’s take a minute and discuss the use of Lustre photo paper for equestrian images.

When it comes to horse photography, photo paper can make your image sizzle or fizzle. After all, when talking about our glorious horses, we are talking about beautiful bays, vibrant red roans, and lovely greys. If you are going to pay for professional equine photography, it’s important that your images show off your horse to his or her best.


Lustre Photo Paper for Equestrian Images


The best way to describe luster paper is if glossy photo paper and matte photography paper made a baby. Lustre (or Luster) is a unique finish used by manufacturers in their professional range. It is most often described as being halfway between glossy and matte photography papers and has some of the best attributes of each. Because of that, it has a lot of attributes to recommend it.

Let’s look at some of the pros of Lustre:

  • Resembles pearl in its visual appearance
  • Produces vivid colors with sharp details
  • Smooth tonality with rich blacks
  • Has less glare than glossy photography paper; but more than matte
  • Soft Texture feel helps reduce fingerprint marks
  • Ink dries quickly
  • If images are going to be handled a lot, this is a great choice
  • More resistant to fading over time
  • Show great color but not as vibrant as a glossy paper


The truth is when coming up with cons for this list, I had a hard time coming up with any cons to the luster photography paper. It’s a good all-around choice for a wide variety of images. However, even though there aren’t a lot of cons, it doesn’t mean that luster paper is the best choice for ALL images. Check out the blog posts listed below to show you how some images might just be better suited to a different photography paper.


Learn More about Photography Papers


For Ride the Sky Equine Photography clients, I have a couple of sets of example papers that I printed the same images on. This allows clients to see – and feel – the differences between the papers on the same image. It allows them to see how glare looks, what fingerprints show up, and how they fade and handle over time.

For a brief overview of other types of photography papers, read below to see some of the differences between the papers and learn why some might be a better fit for your equine images than others.

Glossy Photo Paper for Equine Images

Matte Photo Paper for Horse Images

And, coming next week:

Metallic Photo Paper for Equine Images

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