One of the most common questions I get asked is what happens if my horse photoshoot date has rain scheduled? Do we shoot it anyway or do we reschedule? This is a super common question among horse owners who have scheduled horse photography sessions with Ride the Sky Equine Photography. Most likely because the southeastern Tennessee/North Georgia area is well known for very rainy springs and even a fair amount of rain during winter. Unfortunately, no beautiful snowy white images here. Just rain and gray skies.


Can we have a Horse Photoshoot in the Rain?


Like with any photography session that is shot outdoors, it is true that the weather definitely holds us hostage. When scheduling horse photography sessions, I specifically space them out with a few days around each session that I keep available in case we have to move the shoot due to weather.

But, it should be noted, that sometimes it can be fun to shoot in the rain! Of course, it depends on several factors. Not the least of which is your horse’s temperament and happiness factor when it comes to standing in the rain.


Important things to Know about Horse Photoshoots in the Rain


If I am being totally honest, I personally would much prefer to be snuggled on a couch with Nitro watching a bad movie on rainy days. I’m a sunny or cloudy and cool day kind of girl. But, photographing horses in the rain can produce some amazing images.

Here are a few things to consider about shooting in the rain.

First, health and safety always come first. This applies to the animal we are photographing, ourselves, and any gear involved.

With that in mind, I never shoot in thunder and lightning. It’s never a good idea to be out in lightning with metal stands and tripods.  That is just asking for trouble.

But, a good gentle rainstorm is a different story.  Horses have different reactions to rain. So, that’s the first question. How is your horse’s temperament? Does he or she enjoy the rain? Or are they annoyed that you are asking them to be getting wet when they could be snug in a stall?

Secondly, we need to be safe and healthy. We certainly don’t want anyone catching a cold at the end of this. Raincoats and boots that keep your feet dry at the minimum. I know from experience how annoying it can be to be standing around with wet feet – especially when it’s cold out like our Chattanooga winters.

And third, gear protection! Professional camera gear is extremely pricey so it’s important to take care of it. Because I am sometimes in situations that require me to shoot rain or shine, I do have protective gear for my cameras.

What Type of Images from a Horse Photoshoot can we get in Rain?



There are several different types of images that look great in the rain.

For example, macro photography!  If you don’t know what macro photography is, here is a great article that explains it. I like to take macro shots of the animals I photograph normally but when you add rain in, you can get fun shots like raindrops on whiskers and curly wet hair.

Also, reflections! You can get fun reflection images in mud puddles and standing water. Of course, you always need to put the safety of yourself and your horse first. Never walk into the water if you don’t know how deep it is.

Raindrops are an obvious thing to photograph in the rain. You can freeze them in motion falling on your horse for example. Or, raindrops clinging to tree leaves overhanging your horse’s head.

Bright colors show up nicely against darkened skies – those yellow rain slickers and bright spring flowers really pop against angry skies. Photoshoots in the rain offer opportunities to really use bright colors to the best advantage!

Splashing in the water is always a fun thing to shoot when it rains too. Who doesn’t remember splashing in mud puddles as a kid? Imagine how much fun that can be with your horse by your side.

There is also the possibility of mist and/or fog. Both mist and fog can add a moody and/or dramatic element to images.

And, last but not least, don’t forget rainbows! There is always an opportunity to capture a rainbow after a storm. And who needs a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when you have your horse?



Interested in Getting on the Schedule?


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