Hey there, fellow photographers! Can you believe we’re already halfway through the year? And you know what that means, it’s time for set goals for the second half of the year!

As a horse photographer and small business owner, staying on track and adapting plans as the year progresses is crucial. This year, it feels like I blinked and it’s July. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was jotting down my 2024 business goals?

Every July, I reflect on my journey so far that year. And then, take the time to evaluate and set goals for the second half of the year. This year, I invite you to join me in this endeavor.


Analyze Your Achievements


It’s always good to start on a high note. Let’s celebrate our wins.

What goals did you set at the beginning of the year, and which ones did you achieve?


Did you:

– Launch a new photography service?

– Increase your client bookings?

– Improve your editing skills?

– Network with new organizations?


Assess What Didn’t Work


It’s important to look at the flip side too.

Did you face unexpected challenges? Sometimes, we don’t meet goals, not because we didn’t try but because life got in the way.

Were some goals harder to achieve than anticipated?

If so, when setting goals for the second half of the year, see what you can do better to refine your strategy moving forward.


Setting New Objectives


Define Clear, Measurable Goals


To set yourself up for success, goals need to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

For example:

Instead of “I want more clients,” try “I want to book 10 new equine photo sessions by December.”

Instead of “I want to make more money,” try “I want to make an additional $5000 by bringing in 3 new clients before the end of the year.”


Focus on Key Areas of Growth


Identify the areas in your business that need the most attention. Here are some ideas:

  • Improving technical skills
  • Expanding your portfolio
  • Enhancing marketing efforts
  • Increasing client base


But remember, these may need attention, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they need YOUR attention.

If you find areas you hate to do or that someone else can do better and faster, consider outsourcing.


Set Personal Development Goals


Investing in yourself is just as important. Consider goals like:

  • Attending a photography workshop or conference
  • Learning new editing techniques
  • Reading industry-related books
  • Photographing something you’ve never done before


For example, I recently attended an abstract photography workshop. It wasn’t something I had ever done before, but you never know when a new skill might come in handy.


2 Tips to Break Down Your Goals


Big goals can be overwhelming. Break them down into smaller, actionable steps. Whenever you set a BIG goal for yourself, take the time to break it down into steps that keep you moving forward.

Set Deadlines:

Assign deadlines to each step to stay accountable. Goals without deadlines are just dreams.


Use Tools for Organization:

There are many tools out there to help you keep track of tasks and deadlines. You don’t have to go high-tech if you don’t want to. I’m a big fan of iCal, Trello, and a good old-fashioned legal pad on a clipboard.

Here are a few other options to check out:



3 Tips for Staying Focused and Motivated


  • Stay Organized: A tidy workspace and a clear schedule can significantly boost productivity.
  • Find a Support System: Join a community of photographers or a mentorship program. Sharing your journey provides motivation and new perspectives.
  • Reward Yourself: Celebrate every achievement, big or small. Rewards make us keep going.


In Conclusion


Setting goals and creating action plans are crucial for success as a horse photographer.

By reviewing your progress, defining new objectives, and staying organized, you can make the second half of the year your best yet.

Need more help setting your goals for the second half of the year? Consider signing up for a mentorship with Ride the Sky Equine Photography.

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