Our furry friends hold a special place in our hearts, don’t they?

As time goes by, we come to realize that our beloved pets have entered their golden years.

While many rush to capture images of their pets when they’re young and vibrant, why shouldn’t we celebrate and immortalize them as they age?

women and her dog with 2 different color eyes laying in a field at Chester Frost Park in Hixson, Tennessee


Cherishing Every Stage: Celebrating Senior Pets


Every stage of a senior pet’s life is worth remembering and cherishing. Sure, they may not be as spry or as photogenic as they once were.

But, senior dogs offer a different kind of magic.

They provide the unconditional love of a perfect snuggle buddy on a rough day, the wisdom to sense when you need their comforting presence, and the invaluable knowledge that comes with age.

Photographing senior pets holds a special place in my heart.

Those of you who are already part of the Ride the Sky Herd or the RTS Pup Pack are familiar with Nitro, my canine soulmate and ever-present sidekick. Nitro is 14 years old now and is having issues with arthritis. I know our time is limited.

I understand the significance of capturing someone’s cherished animal, knowing that these images will be treasured, especially when faced with the heart-wrenching loss that comes with time.


Read what Courtnie thought of Koda’s Session with Ride the Sky:


“I found Betsy and Ride the Sky Equine Photography through a Google search. I read so many positive reviews about her and, after seeing some of her work on her website, I knew she was the perfect photographer for my needs. I loved that she met with me before the photo shoot session to discuss my ideas and what visions I had for the shoot. She got to know my dog and was absolutely incredible with him. He is shy around strangers, but Betsy is an obvious animal lover, and my dog warmed to her instantly.

The reason for my shoot was that my dog was recently diagnosed with cancer, and I wanted some great photos of us together before he got too sick. Betsy didn’t hesitate at all to schedule our session and was very cooperative and vocal about being willing to move the session forward if my dog’s health started to decline unexpectedly. It was such a relief to know that she would do anything within her power to make sure I got the photos in time.

On the day of the photoshoot, Betsy was organized and had a clear plan for where she wanted to shoot and the different types of shots that would enable her to provide me with the photographs I wanted. During the shoot, Betsy and her assistant were so kind and fun to work with. They were patient with my dog when he wasn’t “cooperating” and were flexible with any unforeseen issues. I had so much fun during the shoot, too! I was honestly surprised by how laid back the session was, while still feeling organized and efficient.

After the shoot, Betsy met with me again to show me the photographs from the shoot and discuss my options for prints, canvases, or other products. It was so nice to be able to go through the photos and get Betsy’s advice on which images to choose and what products to purchase. She even brought real samples of all the various products.


I would highly recommend Betsy and Ride the Sky to anyone looking for incredible photos with their pets. Her excellent communication, kindness, flexibility, and talent make her an amazing photographer to work with. I have been involved in various professional photoshoots in the past, and my experience with Betsy has by far been the most enjoyable and the one that provided me with the best end product.

Her photographs are not only incredible due to her skill and talent, but she also uses extremely high-quality companies to produce your final products (e.g. canvases, prints, etc.). I cannot recommend Betsy enough. If you are looking for a photographer for your pets, do not hesitate—Contact Betsy today. You won’t be disappointed.”

-Courtnie, Koda's Person


Capturing Timeless Portraits: A Testament to Love


Portraits serve as a timeless testament to the love shared between you and your pet.

They remind us that these animals loved us deeply, even long after they are gone.

These images allow us to remember that this animal was ours, bringing us companionship, love, and moments of pure joy throughout our lives.

As pet owners, we consider our four-legged companions as cherished family members, and their love runs deep within us.

That’s why I find immense joy in capturing the profound connections and unbreakable bonds between pet owners and their beloved animals.

Anyone who has an aging pet know that each day spent with with them is a treasure.

Dog Running in Field
Woman and her dog sitting in field


Embrace Their Journey: Capturing Timeless Beauty


So, whether your dog is a wise old soul or still young at heart, consider capturing their journey through the lens of a skilled pet photographer.

Embrace every stage of your beloved companion’s life and create a collection of timeless portraits that will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face for years to come.

After all, age is just a number when it comes to the boundless love and beauty found in the eyes of a senior dog.

women with her dog doing a high five outside in a field

Ready to Capture Your Senior Dog?

If you are ready to capture beautiful images and create timeless artwork of your favorite senior dog, reach out today.

Women and her dog shaking hand and paw on a dock at sunset in Chester Frost Park in hixson, Tennessee
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