When it comes to brand values for horse businesses, how important is it really? The fact is that it’s super important! Brand values are what your equestrian brand stands for. It is the beliefs through which you carry out your business goals.

Every business had values whether they write them down or not. Think of them as the guiding principles of which you do business.

So, why are brand values important?

If your personal values don’t align with a brand’s stated values, how likely are you to do business with them?

I know from personal experience there are some brands that I refused to do business with.

I will even pay a little more with a different business to avoid them.

It’s quite possible that you have done this even without realizing it.


If your personal values don’t align with a brand’s stated values, how likely are you to do business with them?

Some businesses you just have a positive or negative “feeling” about. Maybe there is a trainer out there who just gives out a vibe you find off-putting or a tack store that makes you feel like you are out of place every time you walk in the door.  

Maybe you can’t put your finger on it but it’s enough to make you gravitate to or away from that horse business.


Why Does this Matter with your Equine Business?



If you know what your equine business brand values are, it is much easier to attract the right people. The people whose values line up with yours. And those are the people you really want to work with.

When potential clients know your brand values, they know if you are a good fit or not for them.

Think about it:

Many consumers learn about a brand before they ever actually talk to someone. 

They visit your social media. Tour your website. Watch the videos you post and read your blog.

And, they learn about your brand. They evaluate it, they consider it, and I guarantee they judge it.

Because we all know that we can’t stop judging things these days, huh?

In short, those potential clients are feeling what you are giving…or they aren’t.


Don’t believe me?



I once had a client who contacted me about a portrait session.

She had been following me online for 5 YEARS.  She could quote back things I had written in posts and off my website.

But, she had never liked a post or commented. She read things and made a judgment about my business on if it was the right fit for her.

Turns out she was an ideal client for me. And I never even knew she existed in that 5 years.


Why is it Important to Know your Brand Values?



In a nutshell, brand values help to humanize a business.  You are assigning human personality traits to your horse business.   

When you know your equestrian brand values, it is easier to communicate to a potential client. 

And, your ideal clients should be attracted to your brand values.

They should want to connect with your business because you are giving out a vibe that they gravitate towards.

Remember, there are no wrong brand values. 

After all, every brand is unique. And when you are clear on the values, everything you are producing works together.

Are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of business owner? Always panic-posting a social media post without a strategy?

If so, you will find it really hard to develop your ideal client herd.


What Values are Important to you in your Horse Business?



If you run a small service-based business, chances are that the business’s brand values are going to be your values.

First, consider non-negotiables. A non-negotiable is something like “we only use cruelty-free products”. Or, “we use organically sourced items”.

Non-negotiables should be included in your brand values as it is something you want to communicate throughout your branding. After all, you are wanting to attract clients who feel very strongly about these things.

Ideally, you want to end up with 3-6 brand values.  And, again, if you can only get it down to 20 or so, ask others to help you narrow it down.

Brand Value Examples

Immediately cross off any brand values that definitely don’t feel like you or your business.

After all, it’s much easier to say no than it is to say yes. You will probably feel strongly about some of those values definitely not being a fit for you.

Ideally, you want to end up with about 3-6 words. But, you might only be able to whittle the list down to about 20 words.

If you are down to about 20, no worries. Most likely you will have several that are similar, such as happiness, joy, and enthusiasm.

If you find yourself with similar words, look up the definition of each one. The definition will possibly make one stand out more than the others.

However, if you still can’t whittle it down, create a group of those words and reach out to close friends or great clients.

Ask them to pick a word from that specific group that they think of when they think of your business.

You will find that they often know the vibe you are giving out better than you do.


Why Using a Different Brand’s Values won’t Work for your Business



The Ride the Sky Equine Photography brand values are Enthusiasm, Creativity, Relationships, Excellence, Organization, and Knowledge. 

At some point, it may have crossed your mind that it’s just easier to use a different brand’s values for your values and be done with the whole thing. Boom! Brand Values, done!

After all, how much does it really matter?

But, here’s why another brand’s values won’t work for your business.

Brand values should guide everything you do. They should be easy to write about, easy to talk about, and easy to emulate.

And, it’s harder to use values that you don’t believe in or values that don’t actually suit you. 

It’s harder to talk about your brand values in your content when you don’t subscribe to that particular value.

I mean, how can you be talking about how organized you are and demonstrating how organized you are when you are a hot mess?

When your desk is covered in paperwork. And your car is about to explode with all the leftover fast food bags, papers, and jackets from last winter.

It’s so much harder to pretend to hold a certain value. And why would you want to anyway?

Your people are out there. And they are dying to hear from you.

Ride the Sky Brand Values

Seriously, believe me, there are others out there with leftover fast food bags, papers, and jackets from last winter in their cars…my kid for one. 

Imagine writing a bunch of content that appeals to people Type A, organized individuals when you really want to work with people who get it when you lose your keys in the freezer because that’s where your book was. 

Own your brand. Put you in your brand.  Attract the right people for YOU to your brand.  


But my Business is for Everyone…



So, you might be thinking, “But my business is for any horse owner who wants to give me money. After all, bringing money into my bottom line is the most important thing.”

But here’s the thing, by talking to everyone, you are talking to no one. You are creating disengaged content that creates a bored, disengaged audience.

You want your brand values for your horse business to ooze out of your website copy, content for blog posts, and social media posts.

You want potential clients to feel them to their core. It makes them feel connected to you before they ever talk to you.  It makes them WANT to talk to you. By creating engaging content that speaks to a specific audience and turns them into raving fans.

Being crystal clear about who you are talking to, makes sure that you are attracting people that WANT to work specifically with you.

The people that you want to work with.

The ones who it will be a good experience for both of you.




Picture this:



You are an introverted, spiritual individual who runs a boarding barn.

And an extroverted smartypants starts boarding their horse there.

How long do you think that relationship would last?

And if you did muddle through it, how much would either of you enjoy it?

By using your brand values in your content, you will repel a lot of people.

Most before you ever even talk to them.  And that’s 100% what you want.

Think about how much time you are saving. You aren’t wasting it on the wrong people who are never going to be a good fit for you anyway.

And you are freeing up time for the right people.

Those who you are speaking to? They will find you like I find dark chocolate. Irresistible…and they will flock to you.

People have a natural inclination to join and belong. So all you need to do is invite the right people into your herd.

And give them dark chocolate…who says no to dark chocolate…?


What are your Brand Values for Horse Businesses?



Thinking about what brand values might apply to your horse business? Click the button below to download the list of 194 brand values!

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