Investing in an Unforgettable Equestrian Senior Photography Experience That’s Worth Every Penny!


Let’s address the big elephant in the room, shall we? Cost can be a concern when it comes to choosing a photographer to create epic senior photos.

Now, I know I’m not the cheapest option out there.

But trust me when I say that investing in me as your equestrian senior photographer is like investing in a front-row ticket to the best show on Earth.

And by show, I mean your fabulous self and your magnificent equine partner!


What You Get When You Choose Me as Your Equestrian Senior Photographer


So, what do you get when you choose me? Buckle up, because I’m about to unleash a whole herd of benefits:

Pre-session constellation: Yep, I’ll help you plan every detail of your epic senior photo session, from locations to outfits, so you can shine like the star you are!

In-person ordering appointment: Say goodbye to endless online scrolling. We’ll meet up to choose your favorite shots and create custom artwork that’ll make jaws drop!

Access to the style closet: Need a wardrobe upgrade? Raid my collection of equestrian fashion goodies to rock the perfect look.

Guidance on clothing: Worried about what to wear? Don’t fret! I’ll be your fashion guru and make sure you’re dressed to impress.

Props galore: Bring on the glitter, the hats, the musical instruments, or even a unicycle (if you’re feeling adventurous). Let’s incorporate your other passions into the shoot!

Customized artwork designed to last for generations: Your photos won’t just end up lost in a digital abyss. We’ll create stunning prints and wall art that’ll make your heart skip a beat.

Horse-whispering skills: I speak fluent “neigh” and have a knack for capturing the beauty and spirit of these majestic creatures. Your horse will thank you for choosing me!

High School Senior Girl Pictured with her Horse


Tons of laughs and entertainment: Get ready for a portrait session filled with laughter, funny faces, and moments that will have you saying, “Did that really just happen?”

Style and artwork guides: I’ll be your personal creative compass, guiding you through the process and ensuring we create images that reflect your unique personality.

Years of experience working with horses: I’ve seen it all, from sassy ponies to dramatic divas. Rest assured, your equine companion is in good hands.

A photographer who “gets” you: I’m not just capturing your senior year, I’m capturing your spirit and the incredible bond between you and your horse. I understand you because, hey, I’m a mom of high schoolers too!

Flexible payment options: I want this experience to be accessible to everyone, which is why I offer various payment plans. No need to break the bank!

No fluff, just what you want: You call the shots. We’ll focus on capturing the moments and creating artwork that truly matter to you.

Now, if these perks don’t tickle your equestrian fancy, that’s totally cool. We all have different preferences.

But if you’re craving an unforgettable senior photography experience that’s as unique as you are and creates epic senior photos that you will show off to future generations, let’s get chatting about your equestrian senior portrait session!


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