As Ride the Sky Equine Photography is actually a multi-faceted business, I have compiled into one post an easy way for you to know all the different things that are available to you.

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We have compiled a list of everything that you can learn about, find out about, and/or participate in related to horse and equestrian photography into one handy post for you to review.


Equine and/or Equestrian Fine Art Portrait SessionsHigh School Senior Picture with Horse by Ride the Sky Equine Photography


Are you interested in learning more about the Ride the Sky Equine and Equestrian Portrait Experience?

Portrait sessions are offered in east Tennessee, north Georgia and northern Alabama – centering around the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.

Portrait sessions are also offered throughout the country on a per-trip basis.**

These sessions are a customized experience from start to finish and include designing your unique and beautiful art pieces.

Equine and Equestrian Fine Art Portrait Session Information Request

**Not in the areas mentioned above but want to know when I’ll be near you? Click here.**

Barn Days


Barn Days are a perfect fit for barn managers and horse trainers who are looking for something special to offer their clients.

Additionally, equestrians looking for fun things to do that involve their horses AND their friends are a great fit for Barn Days as well.

Barn Days are fun, themed, and really a great way to spend time with your horse capturing beautiful images.

Please Note: Barn Days have extremely limited availability, Barn Days are not promoted on Social Media and are only available to individuals who request information.

Barn Days Information Request

Sale Sessions


Unfortunately, sometimes there comes a time when we have to say good-bye to a horse.

Maybe they aren’t the right fit, maybe you outgrew them. Whatever the reason, sales inevitably happen.

When it does, are you sure you aren’t leaving money on the table?

Learn more about how professional photography can help you sell a horse here.

Need to set up a sales session? Request one here.

Event Photography


I don’t shoot equestrian events anymore as the official photographer. However, I do occasionally go to events for private clients.

Want to be a celebrity? You have the opportunity to have your very own photographer for the day. Capturing your events, candids, and behind-the-scenes of the day.

Are you part of a 4-H club or horse group who would like to have your group’s event and behind-the-scenes photographed? We can make that happen!

Learn more about Equestrian Event Photography

Barefoot Trimmer working on horse hoofCommercial Photography for Equine and Equestrian Businesses


If you own a horse-based small business, you may be struggling with finding images that represent your brand well.

With the average attention span down to mere seconds and constant bombardment of information, you know how important it is to hook your potential clients quickly.

From custom images for digital marketing needs to images for printed marketing materials, Ride the Sky Equine Photography can be your one-stop shop for all your commercial marketing image needs.

If you are looking to up your game when it comes to the visual voice of your brand, contact Ride the Sky to see how we can help you.

Horse Commercial Photography

Equine and Equestrian Stock Photography


Looking for stock photography geared specifically towards your equine or equestrian business or goals?

Ride the Sky Equine Photography has a large quantity of equine stock photography images that can be used for a variety of projects.

Equine and Equestrian Stock Photography

Professional and Aspiring Horse Photographers


Are you a professional and/or novice photographer who is looking for a way to improve your horse photography skills?

Perhaps you want to launch your own equestrian or pet photography business? Are you a professional photographer looking to learn how to scale or build an animal-centered photography business?

Find out how RTS Learn can help you grow your equine photography business!

Wondering about other things that Ride the Sky offers such as pet photography? Don’t hesitate to reach out!  We’d love to chat with you about your needs and see if we are a good fit to help you. Send a message here!

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