6 Tips for Planning your Equestrian Senior Portrait outfits


It’s hard to believe that Senior Year is already here! And you know what that means, it’s time for all those fun things like Senior Prom, Senior Skip Day, and yes, even Senior Pictures! Lucky for you, you have the option of having your Senior portraits featuring your favorite sidekick – your horse!  So let’s get started planning your outfits for Equestrian Senior Portraits!





Tip 1: Check out the Ride the Sky Equine Photography Style Guide


All Ride the Sky Equine Photography senior clients receive a Style Guide that covers planning your equestrian senior pictures outfits and answers a lot of common questions that I get asked.



Tip 2: Check out the Ride the Sky Equine Photography Pinterest Boards


Need some inspiration before you start digging around in your closet for your outfits? Check out the Ride the Sky Equine Photography Pinterest Boards!

There are a lot of ideas on there to inspire your vision for your senior portrait session.

There are even ideas on there about picking colors that match your skin tone and how to color coordinate with your horse.

To start, here are a few links to some of my favorite boards.

Horse & Rider Session Outfit Inspiration

Portrait Outfit Inspiration

Equestrian Photography Clothing Inspiration


High School Senior Pictured with Her Horse in field of yellow flowers with stormy skies






Tip 4: Get the Wrinkles Out


Always take an iron to your clothes before your equestrian senior session.

Or,  if you aren’t the type of person who enjoys ironing, hang your clothes up in the bathroom while you take a shower. The steam will help get rid of wrinkles. And, your photographer will thank you!


High School Senior in Green Dress with Horse


Tip 5: Stick with Clothes you know and Love


Stick with clothing you already own and love. Look for outfits that make you feel strong, empowered, and confident!

After all, if the clothes feel weird, or are itchy, you are going to be annoyed or uncomfortable and that feeling will pass from you to your horse!



Tip 6: Don’t Wear Your Favorite Outfit First


Don’t wear your favorite outfit first. Let’s get those awkward “oh no, I have to pose in front of a camera” pictures out of the way first and save that favorite outfit for when you are relaxed and having fun.

Plus, you never know when your horse might decide to wipe his drool on your outfit! Let’s let him get that out of his system before you put on your favorite outfit.


Want to Learn More about Chattanooga Equestrian Senior Portraits?


And there you have it, 6 tips for planning your outfits for equestrian senior portraits! I hope you find this helpful when you start digging through your closet!

If you have questions about Equestrian Senior Portraits, I highly recommend checking out this post: The Ultimate Guide to Equestrian Senior Pictures in Chattanooga, TN.

It is a comprehensive guide to all things Senior Pictures with your Horse!

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