A common question that comes up in preparation for a horse photography session with Ride the Sky Equine Photography is, “Should I braid or band my horse for his photoshoot?”


The History of Braiding Horse Manes


The braiding of horse manes is a practice that goes back hundreds of years and initially was a way of helping with the functionality of the horse. Soldiers would braid the horse’s mane to keep it from getting tangled with their weapons. Eventually, braiding began being recognized as a way to single out horses of more prestige in hunts and battles.
Workhorses used on farms are also frequently braided to keep the manes and tails out of the way of the farm equipment.
Over time, braiding moved into the show ring. Thoroughbreds and other show horses are often braided in the show ring. Many breeds and/or disciplines are often expected to have a specific styling to their manes.

For example, in the dressage arena, horses are expected to have button braids for a polished look. Breeds with long and full manes like Friesians and Gypsies frequently have running braids or continental braids.




Example of a banded horse mane


What is Horse Mane Banding?


Horse mane banding is something common in the western show world.

The goal of banding is to make the mane lay flat against the horse’s neck.

When banding a mane, you want to make sure that the bands fall in a precise straight line. The line of the bands runs parallel to the line of the end of the mane, therefore, making the horse’s neck appear longer.



Should I braid or band my horse for his photoshoot with Ride the Sky Equine Photography?


This is completely up to you. Braiding and/or banding gives a very formal and polished feel to your images.

I always suggest that you think about how you want to dress for your horse photography session and match your horse to your vibe.  For example, are you going to be wearing your complete show attire? Then perhaps your horse would look best braided or banded.

Are you going to be dressing in jeans or a dress? Maybe your horse would look better in his more natural state.

Of course, this only works if you are planning on being in the images with your horse. If you are not, then you should consider what you love best about your horse. Do you love taking him into the show ring? Do you love it when he’s out grazing in the field? Do you love watching his mane fly around in the breeze? What are your favorite things to do with your horse? What do you most want to remember about your horse? Those are the things you should consider when planning how you want your horse to look for during his photography session.



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